Thank you for always treating me like a princess, and your baby. I feel very loved.

Thank you for making lots for happy and beautiful memories with me in Japan ♡

Thank you for being my boyfriend. I feel so happy with you.

Thank you for planning our dates in Cebu. I appreciate all of your hard work and effort.♡

Thank you for falling in love with me.♡

Thank you for being there when I was sad and heartbroken. You were always there for me.

Thank you for always warring about me. I promise to take care of you. I definitely want to live longer with you, my love 🙂

Thank you for always being my happy pill, my love. ♡

Thank you for telling me that you won’t give up even when I rejected you at first. It made me love you even more. ♡

Thank you for continuously loving me despite knowing that I eat a lot and I get lost a lot. hahaha

Thank you for surprising me in our first month. I really didn’t expect it. I was so happy that I cried while reading your letters. ♡

Thank you for always telling me I’m pretty even when there are days that I feel like I am not really pretty. hahaha

Thank you for cheering me up every time I feel sad or down. ♡

Thank you for always communicating with me despite your busy schedule.

Thank you for preparing that medicine when we attended a food festival. I was having sick at that time. You are really thoughtful. ♡

Thank you for always being my stress-reliever even when we were still friends. ♡

Thank you for always telling me that you love me. I love youuu so much! ♡

Thank you for being sweet and expressive all the time. ♡

Thank you for being you. I could never ask for a great boyfriend. Just you.♡

Thank you for welcoming me to your home and making me feel at home. ♡


それでは、また次の記事でお会いしましょう!See ya!